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Certificate to the icon

Each of our icons - is someone's fate. It is a family Shrine, which during the years will strengthen and warm the family by light of God's love.
We try to protect the good name of the Orthodox icon, to protect our name as the icon-painting studio and provide a guarantee for our favorite customers. We attach a personalized Certificate to each icon painted by our masters, specifying a person on whose request the icon was painted. The Certificate - it is not just a document for an icon. Sometimes it is a possibility to obtain the unique orthodox gift after the grand event. Because creating of an icon demands definite time that cannot be cut. Therefore, if a customer has little time, which is not sufficient to create an icon, we recommend him to present the certificate as a guarantee that the icon is painting.
A painted icon – is the true beauty and greatness of Orthodoxy! And we really want to fill our icons with love and respect. We hope each person will feel it watching at the icons of the Guardian Angel studio.