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Family icons

Orthodox icons play a great role in an Orthodox Christian’s life. Each our praying appeal through icons is heard by God. That is way icons for a family are very important. To get:
 Blessing to marriage – pray the most Orthodox Peter and Princes Fevronia, wonder-workers from Murom;
Understanding and love between a husband and a wife – pray apostle and evangelist St. John the Divine;
Any family and everyday need – St. Blessed Kseniya of St. Petersburg;
Children – pray pious Joachim and Anna, saint prophet Zechariah and Elizabeth. If you want to have a boy-baby – pray St Alexander Svirskiy;
Christian upbringing for children – martyr Sofia and saint Sergius of Radonezh;
 God’s blessing for a home – St. Blasius.
“Knock at the door and it will open…” - God says us