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About the studio

               The icon-painting studio Guardian Angel – it a spiritual union of people, whose the only aim is to make clear to every Christian the full beauty of the main shrine of the Orthodoxy – an Orthodox ICON.
                The icon-painting studio Guardian Angel – these are icon-painters, who not only see the whole beauty and profoundness of an orthodox icon, but also can show the beauty by their works.
                The Guardian Angel studio – it is icon-painting studio. We proudly and with awe understand all responsibility for our deeds on the earth.
                The icon-painting studio Guardian Angel – are cordial and hospitable people. We are always glad to shown interest and welcome kind people. Each our work – is a real revelation and cognition! We have wonderful works to demonstrate and to charm you by the power of our mastery.
               The Guardian Angel’s icon-painters are blessed for painting of icons and church murals. Each icon appears with God’s blessing. But it is better that each person should be present at blessing of his own icon and pray during the divine service.
               The icon-painting studio Guardian Angel – are Orthodox Christians, living in the most ancient city of Kievan Rus – gold-domed Kiev. We paint icons, church murals, work and respect our traditions, as well as bring up children. But the main thing is that we do it all in orthodox traditions.