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1. What is a measured icon?
One of the unique variants of an orthodox present. It is unique, inimitable and very meaningful for a little child.
When somebody speaks about a measured icon I remember at once sacrament christening of my children. Christening – it is an important event in a life of any Christian: voice of a father in a silence of a church, candle shine reflected in gilt interiors of a church, excitement of God parents, embarrassment in kids’ eyes and happiness in the eyes of their Moms and Dads!!! And, by no means, feeling of endless joy, connected with the birth of a new Christian!!!
A measured icon – is a special one. This is a full length icon of a Saint with the same name as a child. The size of the board is equal to the baby’s birth height. Nobody can know beforehand height and a name of a baby. That is why you never find ready-made measured icons! Such an icon is always painted individually!
Measured icon will always be with a child, in his room. There the baby always sees it and can appeal to his Saint patron at any time. Thanks to a measured icon a child learns to pray God, to estimate his deed in difficult situations, and what is more, he can find his own level.
The process of creating a measured icon – is very responsible. Because we do it for a baby! We have to follow church canons, and to paint a Saint’s image in minute detail, for the baby could see and feel all warmth and kindness, strictness and care of the Saint. Our aim is to help children to find love of God, understand the faith of his parents.
Our painted measured icons – little girls and boys: Vera, Cathy, Uliana, Danny and many others. We remember every icon and love our kids! God bless them all!

2. Who is presented with an icon?
A measured icon – is a unique present. It is considered to be a present for babies no older than 3. It is possible to present such an icon to a person of any age, though. The main thing is you should know his birth length. That is why this icon is called measured or full-length.
There were cases when we painted a measured icon for a 16-year-old girl, it was an order of her God mother, or for a fiftieth anniversary of a grown up man, by his relatives’ order.

3. Tell us please about a civil, a baptismal and an Orthodox name
A civil name – is a name, which parents give to a child at birth. This name, as well as a patronymic, is written in all identifying documents /birth certificate, passport/. Often a civil name is the same as a baptismal one.
A baptismal name – is a name given to a person at christening. As usual fathers give a baby a corresponding name with its civil one, if there is a Saint with such name in the Orthodox Calendar. For example: Ivan, Daniil, Miron, Varvara, Vera, Ul’yana.
If a girl’s civil name is a variant of a male name (Alexandra, Ivanna), then a father gives a baptismal name according to a Saint woman, whose name-day is celebrated on the day of birth or christening of the girl. Such babies have got two names – a civil, non-orthodox, and a baptismal, orthodox.

4. Is there a Saint patron for Inna?
Yes, women called Inna have got the Saint - Saint martyr Inna. Names Inna, Pinna and Rimma originally were men’s names. But later these names became popular as girl’s names. Their Angel’s Days are on 2nd of February and on 3rd of July. 

5. Do you need a photo of a person to paint a personalized icon?
No, it is not necessary to have a photo of a person. An icon is painted for a man for he or she could pray to God. An icon painter gets blessing and prays to God and the Saint before he starts an icon. It is a birth of an icon which should be a shrine for many generations. The icons are created in our studio thanks to love and faith of our painters and customers.

6. Who is a Saint patron of businessmen?
Saints were the same people as we are, but their life became an exploit of a great love to God. They overcame all brutish instincts and were able to reach the highest point of spiritual perfection. Saints are considered to be patrons of spheres of life according to a job in their common life (commerce, farming, cattle-breeding, army, etc.)
Saint patrons of any business are St.Joseph Volotsky and St. John Sochavsky. The last one lived in 14th century and was a tradesman. He was pious, revered the Orthodox Faith and helped poor people. John was treacherously murdered by wicked people at the height of his business, when many new opportunities occurred to him. But God gave him courage and understanding to deny all claims of the wicked men and stay firm in love to God.
St. Martyr John Sochavsky has a special divine grace – to help businessmen.
The name-day of the Saint Martyr John Sochavsky is on 15th June (Gregorian calendar).
By blessing of patriarch Kirill St. Joseph Volotsky, a wonder-worker, was announced as a patron of businessmen. The Saint lived in 15th - 16th centuries. He founded the Volokolamsky Monastery and quickly made it one of the most profitable monasteries. He thought that well-being of a church should grow for it could use the wealth for good deeds. Joseph Volotsky was not only a head and a manager but he also worked by himself like the others. He first came to work and left it the last. He respected work of other people but he was severe and exacting not only to everybody, even to himself. The experience of St. Joseph Volotsky is a guideline for many monasteries and nowadays. His name-day is on 31st October (Gregorian calendar).

7. Are there any Saint patrons for sportsmen?
I have got three sons-sportsmen and I liked the question very much. I know how hard a sportsman’s work is, and more over that, how strong is his relatives’ worry. That is why any sportsman going to a competition or to a team practice session should remember that he has got a Saint patron and an Adviser. In Ukraine a Saint Patron of sportsmen, especially wrestlers and ice-hockey players, is Saint Iliya Muromets. His relics are kept in the Near Caves of the Kiev Lavra of the Cave. Iliya Muromets had extraordinary strength and he was very brave and strong fighter with enemies. He brought fame to his motherland, was honest to himself and to others.
Russian sportsmen honour St.George the Victorious,  whose great deeds are well-known to all Orthodox Christians.

8. An icon of what Saint can be presented to a person in poor health?
There are such situations, when troubles and hardship come to our life as a terrible ordeal. Care and worry of the nearest and dearest, wish of help to a sick person can be demonstrated by a present of an icon.
St. Pantaleon the Healer is a Saint Patron healer for all Orthodox people.
Saint Martyr Pantaleon came from Nicomidia. His mother was a Christian and brought her son up according to the Orthodox Faith. But she died when the boy was only 10. His father gave the son to a pagan school and charged a popular doctor Ephrosin to teach the boy how to heal. When Pantaleon went to lessons he passed by a priest Ermolay’s  house. The old Ermolay liked the young man very much because he had inquisitive and kind eyes and lively wit. The old man invited Pantaleon to his house for to tell him about Christianity. The youth listened very attentively to Ermolay and he remembered his mother and her faith. He came to love to Christ. And God blessed him and gifted him a talent to heal people. Pantaleon healed the sick with the help of God but not of medicine.
A name-day of the Saint is on 9th August (Gregorian calendar).
It is possible to paint an icon of St.Pantaleon the Healer with an image of a Saint Patron of a sick person on a margin.
Such icon, by no means, will become a unique present, sincere wish of quick recover and sound health. It will radiate your warmth and love for the person in poor health!

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12. Is there Saint Victoria and when is the date of her celebration? Are the names Victoria and Nika the same?
According to the Complete Church calendar East / M, 1875, Vol 2 e Vladimir 1901-1902 T 1-2; reprint -1997 / Archbishop Sergius Spassky, the name Victoria is mention with such Saints: Holy Martyr Victoria Ephesus (memory 25 May / June 7), Holy Martyr Victoria Nicomedia (24 October / November 6), Holy Martyr Victoria Thessalonica (1/14 June) and the Holy Martyr Victoria Kuluzskaya (8/21 December). There is very little information about the hagiographic heroism of the martyrs, but the fact, that the history of the Orthodox Church keeps the memory of these Saints, let us understand their great martyrdom for the faith of Christ. Names Victoria and Nika are not the same. The Orthodox Church calendar mentions the Holy Martyr Nika (date of memory 10/23 March)


14. Is it orthodox or civic holiday New Year?