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             An icon – is an embodied prayer. It is created with a prayer and for the sake of a prayer. Its motive power is love to God and seeking Him, the perfect Beauty. Archimandrite Zenon
             An icon – is a Church Tradition and God’s grace. It appears through lines and colours as through colour writing. Archimandrite Raphael 
              An icon does not show, it discovers. Archimandrite Zenon
              An icon demonstrates the highest divine beauty, which cannot be shown through lines and colours, but it is in its symbols like a hymn in musical signs or lacy hieroglyphs. It discovers us legends of unknown to the world treasures. Archimandrite Raphael 
              An icon is a visible essence of invisible. But it is painted for the sake of our poor understanding. St John of Damascus
 What a word of narration offers for ears, that mute painting shows through images. St Basil the Great
             An icon is, as St apostle Paul said, “presentation of spirit and power”: presentation of spirit – it is real presence of a Saint in an icon, and presentation of power – are miracles, that come from specially glorified wonder-working icons, by the faith of asking and praying people. V.V. Lepakhin “Functions of an icon. An icon and an image”
             Icons are necessary for those, who do not know the Holy Writ, could read it on walls. VII The General Council